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I'm under construction!

The not-so-official CTYI Wiki!

Hello CTYIzens new and old,

This wiki is designed to be a resource anyone and everyone can use to learn more about CTYI, record its history and continue it's traditions. There are three main types of pages you'll find on this wiki:

  1. Book Pages - These are pages based on or taken directly from the CTYIzen's Guide to the Galaxy
  2. Contributed Pages - These are pages written and updated by the Wiki Contributors
  3. Quotes Pages - These are pages anyone can add to which record the quotes of each year

In an effort to preserve all of the information added to the wiki and keep it safe from spam, most users can only make changes to the quotes pages. Approved wiki contributors help keep all the other information up to date, with the exception of the book pages, which are managed solely by Bookkeepers past and present.

I really hope this will be useful to CTYIzens going forward, and that you all will have as much fun attending this program as I've had.{{

So long, and thanks for all the fish,