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Food at CTYI comes in two forms, that which is supplied as part of the course and that which can be bought on site. Often, the supplied food is horrible enough to warrant purchasing some food from the variety of locations on campus.

Mind you, the food (as every nevermore ever says) HAS been getting better.

Alternate Food Sources

Many CTYIzens manage to sustain themselves primarily on non-canteen food for the whole three weeks. There are a few options when it comes to this. The most popular alternate food source is the deli counter at Spar. They carry a range of relatively tasty cooked food including "Jambon" (a kind of ham vol-au-vent), chicken rolls & wedges. Other options particularly at lunch time feature crisps from one of the many vending machines around the campus and various cold items from Spar.

As of 2017, the campus Spar is located down a flight of steps and through a short tunnel, and has been compared to a "magical cave". On weekends, pilgrimages trips are made to the "Far Spar", which is the same as the other Spar except a bit bigger and further away.

Vending Machines

There are many Vending Machines scattered around the campus:

  • 1 Food, 1 Drink and a Coffee Machine in the Street - 'C' building
  • 1 Food and 1 Drink Machine at the very back of the canteen - 'P' building
  • Four Vending Machines as you leave the quad towards other res - 'V1' building
  • Two Vending Machines in the Business Block - 'Q' building
  • Three Vending Machines in the Science Block - 'N' building

Note: the vending machine in the Street sometimes runs out of chocolate and all you get is boiling water.


There is a "We Proudly Brew Starbucks Coffee" section in the canteen during the morning times. Unfortunately, the Starbucks opens after morning classes and closes before lunch time, but occasionally students have been able to convince their TAs to bring them there during break in class. It is also a favourite for the last day, where many students spend hours hanging around the campus.

There's nothing like the relief of finding what you're looking for.